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Our first performance was @ the bassist's (josh) party. Let's just say WE SUCKED! Our amps were set up wrong and the Mic stand broke. Well eventually the cops came and told us to shut up.

Our second performance was a whole lot better. It was at Ryan g's house. The moshing was Kick butt. We actually sounded good and had stuff set up right. We started it off with "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and finished with "all the small things"

Our 3rd performance was at our school during a girl’s basketball game. We played 3 songs. "all the small things", "tragic character", and a surprise song that we'll call "snap into a slim jim". The 250 people who showed up were really loud.

Our 4th performance @ our school again was between the "south" basketball games. We had time for 2 songs. A little hectic before the curtain went up, but other than that it was really good. We played "500 miles" (which we didn't get to practice thanx to a certain some one who we owe great amounts of hatred and cess ridden filth!) and "TNT Monster vision".

Our 5th perfomance was @ Valley lutheran Highschool.We had some technical difficulties with calebs guitar 10 minutes before we started, but that was fixed soon.We played Smells like teen spirit, all the small things, what's my age again, and TNT monster Vision. WE took a break and came back to play last kiss, and 500 miles. There was some good moshing going on in the begining. This had to be one of our best performances.